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Latte Selfies: This Coffee Shop Prints your face on foam

- June 26, 2013 - by , in apps, Mobile, News, PRODUCTS, with no comments -

By Sara Houlihan

Latte Selfies: This Coffee Shop Prints your Face on Foam!

Coffee taiwan 2

It’s an invention that may cause creative baristas the world over to spit out their milky brown drink in sheer disgust, but like it or loathe it, the new selfie-printing coffee machine wowing Taiwanese coffee lovers looks set to stay.

The machine is the idea of drinks company Let’s Cafe, which operates a chain of Coffee vending kiosks over in Taiwan. Wanting to generate some buzz about their brand, Let’s Cafe came up with a way to have their special coffee machines print customer faces onto lattes.

Coffee taiwan

The system works like this – when ordering a coffee, customers are invited to to take a selfie on their phone before sending it to the machine which, at the end of the coffee-making process, prints the photo on the foam using edible powder. Text can be added too if you please. When the coffee pops out of the machine, voila! Your face on foam! #lifeismade

If the company’s sample photos are anything to go by, the results are rather impressive! No word yet on when/if ever these innovative coffee foam printers are coming to Ireland but if they do -judge me all you want – I shall be first in line!