Rigid Board Insulation isn’t sexy. It might save you money, keep your building warmer and require thousands of man hours to develop and improve, but sexy? Not so much. So the challenge here was to reinforce Kingspan’s place as market leader in insulation innovation by talking about the new and improved Kooltherm range, without it feeling like just another piece of tactical trade press.

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Kooltherm is Kingspan’s flagship product. And just this year, it was updated with a brand new formula that made it the most thermo-dynamic rigid board insulation in its class. A world leader. So in an effort to be world leading in the way we communicated this, our insight was to approach the work from the point of view of the engineers themselves – the ones who see this stuff quite differently from the rest of us.

This would be our emotional hook – seeing the product through the eyes of the people who engineered it would give our audience of contractors, surveyors, architects and handymen a newfound appreciation for the product. Because to the engineers at Kingspan, Kooltherm is every bit as beautiful as the new iPhone, or this season’s Louboutins. To them, Kooltherm is a passion. And passion is an attractive quality.




‘The Art of Insulation’ became the creative platform for our campaign. Everything from the photography to the tone of the copy would speak to the idea that for Kingspan, insulation is an obsession; an art form.




Kooltherm is a beautifully vivid salmon colour (a result of the chemical engineering process used to heat and cure the board), with metallic silver layered across the top. So we hired a still-life photographer who specialises in high fashion for the likes of Brown Thomas and Dingle Gin to show people the board the way Kingspan’s engineers see it – crafted, premium, perfectly engineered, and through a macro lens.

We then wrote the supporting copy as though we were the engineers. Self-aware, unashamedly nerdy but speaking to an ongoing obsession for improvement. The idea was that even though you might never see insulation quite the way we do, you’ll be sure to call Kingspan to mind when someone mentions ‘insulation’. The work ran in press and targeted tactical display. In short, we put the product on the pedestal it deserves.